FT1 Mike Mitchell's Photos


S1c Reds Arrington
Y1c Harry Christen
PhM 3/c Art Elias
Seaman 1c Roger Fleming
Lt. Robert Graves
S 1/c John McGuire
FT1 Mike Mitchell


Mike Mitchell (r) with High School pal Ed Shewchuk.

The island, 1953.

F4U on the forward elevator.

Starting a takeoff roll.

F4U launch.

Coming in for a landing.

Corsair catches the wire.

Spotting the F4U forward.

Rescue helo is deployed when planes take off.

Refueling on a windy day.

Sunday - a day to relax. Note catapault and forward elevator.

Sunday sun.

Cougar touches down ...

... and then it goes!

Grumman Guardian hunter/killer ASW teams warming up.

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