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Lt. Jack Lally
Lt. Lally. p.2
Lt. Ed Leidecker
Lt. Fritz Liebich
Lt. KO Misamore
Capt. Bill Patterson
Capt. Patterson, p.2
Capt. Casey Stalnaker
Capt. Casey Stalnaker, p2
Capt. Morgan Webb
Lt. Frank Whalen
Capt. John Worlund
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The first section is a collection of Jack Lally's TBM formation photos.  He was the photographic officer in VMTB-143.

'Monty' Montgomery in P80, Laurie Ellen II.

Laurie Ellen II and the Florida Gator.

Fertile Myrtle and The Loose Goose.

3 in flight.

3 in flight version 2.

3 in flight version 3.

Beautiful photo of 5 in flight.

6 in flight version 1.

6 in flight version 2.

6 in flight version 3.

6 in flight version 4.

6 in flight version 5.

"Crossing the line" meant you were sailing across the equator.  This was the occasion for a lot of fun, games, humiliation and running a gauntlet of belts.  No one escaped the obligation to join in as you made the transformation from a Pollywog to a Shellback.  Men held on to their initiation card because they might only want to do this once in a lifetime.  Here are some pilots having 'fun'.

VMF-512 pilot Ron Spjeldet crossing the line.

Crossing the line in the Ready Room.

More fun in the Ready Room.

Once more in the Ready Room.

VMTB-143 men simulate a Catapault Launch.

Col. Campbell (seated, left) and Maj. John Noble (VMF-512, standing left) watch 143 pilots Dan Githens (left) and Jack Lally.

Here are Capt. Lally's photos of the ship and some of the US Navy officers.

The U.S.S. Gilbert Islands, CVE-107. F4U taxies forward as the wings fold.

U.S.S. Block Island CVE-106, a sister ship to the Gilbert Islands and namesake for the CVE class.

Captain Lester K.Rice, commanding officer of the Gilbert Islands.

Commander William L. Dawson, Executive Officer.

Officers Rice and Dawson share a moment on the bridge.

Air Officer Lt. Comm. Thomas Harris USN (left) and Capt. Allen USMC, Ass't Air Officer.

Here's a group of photos of the officers and enlisted men of VMF-512 and VMTB-143.   The famous artist Alex Raymond is included in one of the photos.

A beautiful portrait of Col. William Campbell.

Col. Campbell and his Corsair.

Col. Campbell.

Capt. John Worlund, CO of VMTB-143.

Lt. Cmdr. and Dr. William Gist USMCR, the Flight Surgeon for both squadrons.

Maj. Blaine Baesler (CO, VMF-512) (left) enjoys a light moment with Alex Raymond (second from left).

Capt. Worlund (right) makes Alex Raymond an honorary member of VMTB-143.

The scroll ... signed by all the officers.

1st. Lt. Robert 'Toby' Cromwell receives the Purple Heart for being wounded June 3.

Cpl. Robert L. Wood is awarded the Purple Heart for wounds received June 3.

Sgt. Harry F. Hinkle being awarded the Air Medal By Capt. Worlund.

Capt. Lally photos included several of the men in the Marine squadrons.

Marine para-rigger Sgt. Ira Bowman (center).

Intelligence officer from VMTB-143, 1st Lt. Bobby Cox (left).

Dr. Gist examines Tom Liggett, who luckily survived a crash at sea in his Corsair.

Marines assembling a prop.

Marines assembling a prop, take 2.

1st. Lt. Francis McCaul (right), VMTB-143 pilot.

VMF-512 pilot Ron Spjeldet is interviewed by Sgt. Bernie Milligan.

Capt. John Reed, VMTB-143 Adjutant Officer.

Lts. Joseph C. Brinkley (left) and Ray H. Schreiber, both of VMF-512. Brinkley was Adjutant and Schreiber the Intel officer.

1st. Lt. Frankie Whalen, VMTB-143 pilot, ship's duty officer (note armband).

Sgt. Jesse Garrett, Jack Lally's turret gunner.

Finally, here are 2 strike photos - one from the period in early June when the squadrons were pounding targets on Sakishima Gunto, and one from the first day of action at Balikpapan, July 1.

Attack on Ishigaki, June 6 1945.

Attacking targets on a road, Balikpapan, Borneo, July 1 1945. This might be the attack on the Samorinda Highway convoy.

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