S1c Reds Arrington's Photos


S1c Reds Arrington
Y1c Harry Christen
PhM 3/c Art Elias
Seaman 1c Roger Fleming
Lt. Robert Graves
S 1/c John McGuire
FT1 Mike Mitchell


Howard 'Reds' Arrington.

(l to r) Reds, John Holder, R.M. Goff by a VMF-512 Corsair.

(l to r) bottom row: H.J. Peroginelli, Reds, John Moskel. top: Ed Bruno, J.P. Bilinski, Bernard Bailey.


Reds Arrington on Saipan.

Reds examines a captured gun on Saipan.

Lt from the USS Gilbert Islands on Saipan.

Capt. Sharpe's photographic recon Hellcat. Tailhook pulled out and plane flipped after hitting the barrier. Fortunately, Capt. Sharpe was unhurt.

Hellcat noseart (partially obscured).

CVE-107 going through the Panama Canal, Jan. 1946.

Unknown on deck in the Panama Canal.

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