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Lt. Spjeldet contributed some nice photos including one that Alex Raymond turned into a work of art.  I was especially happy to receive the negative for the large picture of the officers of VMF-512.

Ron Spjeldet hugs his 'Hard Hearted Hanna'.

Civilian Rocket Tech Rep (left) John Fuller is made an honorary member of VMF-512 by CO Maj. Baesler.

Maj. Baesler in the ready room, a photo that inspired one of Alex Raymond's artworks.

Lt. Spjeldet is interviewed by correspondent Bernie Milligan.

VMTB-143 pilots (l to r) Harry Knickelbein, Dean Brundage and Frank Whalen.

Lineup for launch. Note the F6F last in line.

F4U landing on the USS Gilbert Islands. Flaps down, and hooked a wire!

Ron is enjoying the Pollywog Court as the carrier crosses the equator.

Lts. Ray Schreiber (intel officer) and Joe Brinkley (adjutant) dress up like pilots for a photo-op.

TBM returning from a mission.

Asst. LSO Marshall Tutten, USMC.

This squadron photo is featured on a separate page, where all are named.

1997 (l to r) 512 pilots Liggett, Mrs. Frasher, Spjeldet, Moss and Noble.

Pilots Moss, Spjeldet and Reichwald.

Lt. Spjeldet's collection included attack photos taken by the TBMs of VMTB-143.

Miyaka Shima was attacked in June 1945.

Miyaka Shima

Ishigaki was part of the same island group as Miyaka Shima.

View of cliffs along the Ishigaki coastline.

Sunken ship at Ishigaki.

Task force moving to attack Balikpapan, Borneo

Balikpapan was attacked July 1945. the peninsula is clearly visible.

Aussie landing barges in foreground.

Lt. Spjeldet sent these photos to me after the ones above were published, including the only ones of Lt. Hembree from the war years.

512 adjutant Lt. Brinkley at his desk.

Lts. Spjeldet (l) and Hembree in Santa Barbara Dec45.

Lt. JD Hembree 1945

512 pilots Mueller (l) and Noble.

Ron Spjeldet at Cherry Pt 1946

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